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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post-It Linky Party

Mrs. Rojas at Create Teach Share is having a linky party. How do you use Post-Its?

Here's one way I do:

I have a poster (I'll take a photo when I get back to school and add it here) that has a parking lot on it. It also has "Questions? Comments? Concerns?"  with space for post-its to be stuck on it. Students can get a "sticky note" and write down their troubles. These will be discussed at the end of the day before recess. Some students like to post lots of nonsense questions at first. They will stop when the others get upset with them for our "Wrap-Up" running over into RECESS! :D

Here's another way:

We also have a game called SCOOT! Anyone out there play SCOOT? I run the answer sheet for SCOOT front to back and put Post-Its on each desk. The Post-It note has the problem number, then a problem which the student answers in the box with the corresponding number. Students have one minute to solve the problem, then I call out "SCOOT!" and they scoot to the next desk. We continue until each child has been to each desk. I put out the first Post-It set, and we "SCOOT!" When everyone has been to each desk, I put out the second set of Post-Its (a different color), students flip to the other side of their paper, and we "SCOOT!" again before going over all the answers for both games. This is a wonderful way to review before testing and my teaching buddy and I switch students to give the children a break as well. It helps to keep them motivated and enjoying learning! We did this lots before I got a Promethean Board (smartboard?) so that my students had an opportunity to experience the technology. The children loved switching!

NOTE: Before you play SCOOT for the first time, have the children scoot around going to each desk so they can learn where to move each time for less confusion...especially with second grade and younger. :) I will attach a copy of the SCOOT document or e-mail it to you...just comment. I'd go ahead and do that now, but my copy of SCOOT is at school...

UPDATE: Because I have no idea how to attach a document for you to download, please leave your e-mail if you'd like a copy of my SCOOT doc. (Any help in solving this problem will be greatly appreciated! I know it has to be something soooo simple...) You can make your own xls spreadsheet with number boxes and put a header with SCOOT and a couple of cute pix if you prefer. :) Happy SCOOTing!


  1. So glad you joined my linky party! Can't wait to try Scoot!


  2. Great ideas! Im adding post-its to my student supply list. I'd love a copy of your scoot game. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I would love to have a copy of the SCOOT game! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I will definitely send SCOOT to your e-mails and attach a doc here soon. I'll go over to the school and forward a copy home. :) Thanks for all your lovely comments!

    Melly <><

    Second Grade Strategies

  5. I teach 8th grade, but seeing this idea for Scoot has my mind racing with the possibilities to adjust it for my pre-Algebra classes. TFS!

    I'd like the email, too, just to how yours is set up.

  6. Love the game SCOOT! Can't wait to try it out!

  7. I teach 2nd grade also, I would love a copy of the Scoot document! Thanks!:)

  8. My class LOVES SCOOT! I would love to see your document, too.

  9. Would love copy of document!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Love this idea! Please send me the document!!

  11. I would also love a copy of Scoot! Thanks!!

  12. I would like a copy of Scoot! Thank you!!