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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*Second Grade Questionnaire*

A few years back when I taught third grade, a friend found a "Third Grade Reading Questionnaire" which she shared with me. I used it faithfully and my students worked independently while I taught individuals and small groups. When I moved to second grade I wrote this one for second graders, aligning it with the GPS (Georgia Performance Standards). Of course, beginning second graders sometimes have a little trouble. To alleviate worries, we go over the questionnaire during whole group and I allow students to work in pairs as long as they complete their own. Each student gets a spiral bound notebook which is stored in a central location in the classroom. I can check these when I have a free moment.
This is a bit much at the very beginning of the year, but by January I expect most of my students to be able to comfortably finish the questionnaire within the time allotted. :) I have yet to figure out how to insert a document here, so please forgive me. (Hints welcome! ;)

      Second Grade Questionnaire

1. What is the title of the story?
2. Did you read this story for information, pleasure, or
3. Write one prediction about the story based on the title
    and first page you read.
4. Which of the following did you use to preview text and
    make your prediction: title, table of contents, chapter
5. What are some explicit facts you read?
6. Can you infer some implicit facts from your reading?
7. Is the story fact or fiction? How do you know?
8. Can you interpret information from illustrations,
   diagrams, charts, graphs, and graphic organizers located
   in the story?
9. Does this story remind you of a personal experience?
10. Can you identify cause-and-effect relationships in the
     story? Name them.
11. What is the plot of the story?
12. Who are the characters? Who is the main character?
13. What is the setting of the story? Are there more than
      one? How many?
14. Compare and contrast the plot of this story to another
     one you have read.
15. Compare and contrast the setting of this story to
     another one.
16. Compare and contrast the characters of this story with
      those in another story.
17. What is the main idea?
18. What are some supporting details for the main idea?
19. What is the genre of the story? Give a reason for your
20. Write a 3 to 5 sentence summary of the book you read.

Directions for students: Sometimes a simple yes or no answer will suffice. Do not be lazy, though! You and I will conference when I see a problem (either something you do not understand or a problem with not completing your work). Completing this questionnaire weekly will help you to become the best reader you can be and also prepare you for third grade! J

Monday: Complete questions 1-5
Tuesday: Complete questions 6-10
Wednesday: Complete questions 11-15
Thursday: Complete questions 16-20
Friday: Finish any questions you failed to complete Monday through Thursday.

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  1. I love the questionnaire! I will definitely use it in my reading groups in 1st with some tweaks to KY standards!! Thanks.