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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snazzy Class Prep Linky

Mrs. Chappell's 2nd Grade is having a linky party!

She asks that we share one idea that will inspire everyone as we set up our classrooms for the new school year. :)

I am sooo excited about this new year with all the wonderful new ideas I have garnered just reading everyone's blog. I'm excited about "The FACE of a Reader." I can't wait to use "Station Patrol" to keep my students focused. I also love the "Volume Control" poster and will use it. As always, we will play "SCOOT!" to review before unit tests.

In February last year, a Promethean Board was installed in my classroom. I will use for introductions to many lessons. A movie (maybe 5 -7 minutes long) introduces topics. We use these as a springboard for discussions and mini-lessons. My second graders loved Annie & Moby. They also loved Tim & Moby from . Some of the movies from there are also appropriate to our curriculum.

I am moving my classroom library, my math station area, and dividing my room up more than last year. I moved my reading table front and center last year and loved it!

I am considering doing away with some of the desks. I had 23 students last year and everyone had their own desk. Has anyone had 20+ students without a desk for each child? How did that work? I have lap desks as well as clipboards and it never fails that I have at least 2 students who never want to sit at a desk. Please leave comments about how this has worked for you. I've done this with fourth graders, but never second. Ideas, please! :)

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