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Monday, July 11, 2011

Stickers & S'mores

Stickers                             S'mores
Saltines                             Graham Crackers
Cheese                              2 Hershey's chocolate rectangles
 (1/4 slice)                           (from a chocolate bar)Marshmallows                Marshmallows

Background Info: A family treat that we enjoyed growing up is called Stickers. Similar to S'mores, Stickers have a saltine cracker topped by a slice of cheese and a marshmallow. Sound yuk? Well, it's actually pretty tasty!

According to my dad, you must use Nabisco Premium Saltines, Kraft Real American Cheese slices (non of that "oily" junk!), and Jet-Puffed marshmallows. Premium goods produce the best stickers! :)

As a beginning of the year graph activity, we make Stickers for morning snack and S'mores for afternoon snack. I usually try to do this on a Friday. I enlist the help of a parent volunteer to man the toaster oven while I teach small groups. Students know that we go down the list from the leader to make our treats, so they understand their turn is coming and they must be working or their turn will be postponed to the end of the line. It usually only takes one student's turn being postponed during the first week of school for everyone to settle down to work.

"It's the only way we can do the fun stuff," I say.

 Then, we create a pictograph of our classmates' choices. Students are given a blank paper Sticker/S'more which they color to show their favorite. This is followed by students creating a bar graph individually or in pairs which we use to discuss horizontal and vertical bar graphs. These are posted on a big piece of butcher paper to create the pictograph. Students use the pictograph to create a bar graph. I provide only paper to see how creative the students can'd be surprised! :)

I have used plain and strawberry marshmallows on the S'mores to offer 3 choices. One year, a student said they had Sticky Crackers as a treat at his home. Sticky Crackers have peanut butter instead of the cheese, but are toasted in the oven just as Stickers and S'mores. These were very messy and added an extra day to our cooking which was not good regarding time management .

I'll scan and post a copy of the blank Sticker/Smore sheet for coloring soon. It has 8 or 12 blank Sticker/Smores per sheet which are easily cut apart using a paper cutter.

To incorporate writing, my students write the recipe for Stickers or S'mores. Of course I model, model, model before they begin writing. They must write the ingredients, the utensils needed, and the steps necessary to make at least one of the treats. High achieving students often prefer to do both. At the bottom of the recipe page, students write a meaty sentence telling which treat they liked best and why. A meaty sentence must include the answer to five of the following six: who, what, why, where, how, and an action. This is an assessment which shows me how well my students write and gives me a springboard from which to begin their writing mini-lessons. I'll post pictures when we do this in August.

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  1. I have never heard of eating a "sticker" before but I am loving this idea and the "meaty" sentence activity. I will try this out with my kiddos and see if they will be fans of Stickers.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    ♥Teaching with TLC