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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dice Games!

 I found a deal and thought about Little Miss Kindergarten's Dicey Linky Party... even though it's closed. So,here's the scoop! I went to Staples today to get the Composition notebooks (the ones that are sewn together) for $0.10 each. Yep, I scored 25 of them. Twenty five compostion books for only $2.50! Woot! Woot! I am soo excited about that. Then, I ran into a friend with whom I taught at a previous school. She is still at the old school, teaching third grade Math. As we walked to the back of the store to get the $5.00 Cadoozles pencils (which just happen to have a $5.00 rebate) for our $5.00 required purchase, we see these little plastic boxes. I had no ideas, even though they only cost $0.25 each.
Well, Tammy certainly did!
She said, "Oh, I'll use those for dice! That way, the dice will not roll all over the floor, and the children can see through the top. We can use dice games without all the problems."
 I loved her idea! Consequently, I bought ten little boxes and spent another $2.50! With my $5.00 pencil purchase (for which I will fill out the rebate online when I finish this blog), my $2.50 boxes, my $2.50 composition notebooks, and $10.00 on 2 four-packs of Crayola dry erase markers, I spent $20.71 and brought home 38 items. Not bad, huh? I am getting $5.00 rebate through mail, too, so my total cost was $15.71.  I haven't seen the Crayola dry erase markers anywhere else and they are really good ones! Crayola sent me one last year to try out and, BABY, did I love it! So of course I had to stock up! On the way to school to get my classroom ready for Friday (when we start back), I thought about the place value dice I'd seen in my drawer earlier in the week. Wow! Those will be wonderful in the little boxes!! Check out the pictures below. I took several to be sure they show well.

Here's my place value game: Students (2 to 4 per set of dice)will shake the box to roll the dice ten times each. Using a dry erase board, each student will write the value of his/her role. Playing partners will check to be sure they agree with the student's answer. The person with the highest roll each round will receive a point. Whichever student has the most points at the end of ten rolls wins the game. Variations can include writing out the expanded notation, writing the number using words, and adding or subtracting two rolls for 3 and 4-digit addition or subtraction. Regular dice could be used for addition, subtraction, and multiplication practice as well! Whadda ya think?!? 


4,329 + 1,940 = ________

Anyone else have any ideas to add to these wonderful boxes? I think they are on sale through Wednesday. Check Staples online for the price and sales dates in your area. :) Peace & blessings!


  1. We use everyday Math and have sets of cards! I have had such a hard time finding a container thay would fit in that is durable and cheap. I can not tell by the picture but are they big enough to hold a deck of cards?

  2. No, sorry. These little buckets would not hold a regular deck of cards. :( Awesome dice containers, though. :)

  3. I would love to use those "dice" maybe just 100's, 10's and 1's and have them "roll" their number - then show with base ten blocks!

    You could put letter dice in and do making words - adding suffixes, prefixes etc!

  4. Great idea! Love these teeny containers, but hadn't thought of a use for them yet. This will be a great math station activity for my kiddos! They always seem to struggle with representing numbers in different ways.

  5. Love this idea! thanks for sharing!

    Miss Conrad-
    You can use travel soap dishes to store your decks of cards. Works like a charm! Just an idea :)