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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goldfish Scoot!

We're playing the "Trading Game" and practicing more while adding in money (with those children who aren't totally overwhelmed). I introduced two more games today, so the children have plenty of games to play for practice and I can pull small groups. We will be adding a Math vocabulary word each day to our Math journal as well. I'm thrilled with how well they are progressing. It seems they are "getting" it overnight. I tell them not to stress, just to rest! Their brains need time to work on the new information, so sleep on it and we'll go at it again tomorrow. That seems to have really helped my children. They know I have high expectations, we have SOOOO much to learn, and I'm not going to slack off, buuuuttttt...they also realize that I know they can only take so much. I understand when they're at the point of exasperation and tell them to take a rest. It's amazing how much new information children can grasp when we encourage them, exasperate them, encourage them, push... welll, you get the picture! Here are some more pix....

We had so much fun with the goldfish that I thought we could play Scoot with them. I made little goldfish, tossed some on each desk, and we played SCOOT! with our place value. It was very interesting... :) I saw very quickly who still struggles with place value! This was more of a teaching activity than a review this, back to the old drawing, er, practice board. :)

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