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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fry Phrases

Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies has an awesome game called Banger! and another one called Banger2! on TpT and Teacher's Notebook. I bought both of them and created Banger! which uses the first 150 Fry Phrases.

I teach second grade, and have some students who are struggling with fluency yet. I googled and found the first 600 Fry Phrases which I thought pretty awesome since I can probably use them all with some of my developing readers.I typed all 600 making 2 columns on each page, similar to what Jennifer had done. To save money, I didn't put my fry phrases on popsicle sticks. I bought colored cardstock ($3.97 @ Wal*mart...savings of about $6.00) and used the yellow. I printed the Fry phrases on the yellow, but them apart, and laminated. We had some of those little "Go" cups from mini Oreos (back when we tallied Oreos) that I had saved, so I used them to store my new little yellow strips, 100 per container (they look like fries~and would even more so with "crinkly" cut scrapbooking scissors or pinking shears!). I have the first 100, the second 100, and so on. I intend to use the first 300 with my students reading around first grade level to hopefully speed them up. The second 300 (Fry Phrases 400-600) will be used with my students who are reading right around 2.0. I wanted to give a shout-out to Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies for her awesome idea! I tweaked it a little for second and I'm thrilled! :) Thanks, Jennifer!