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Monday, January 30, 2012

More Fractions...

Hello, Bloggy Friends!

I am preparing for my CLASS KEYS observation on Thursday. My teamie and I have created some stuff together.

I got out the little yellow and purple boxes I got at Staples in August. I used them for place value dice so they wouldn't go all over the floor when I taught place value. The students loved those little boxes, so we found some colored overhead counters I'd bought a while back and made colored sets for fractions in those little clear boxes. Leah had 10 as did I. We wrote letters on the bottom of the boxes so we put a place for the letter on the recording sheet. The children will count the counters (no pun intended...well, maybe just a little!), then write two fractions to represent the two colors. Check out the picture for the example.

This box has red and blue counters.

She has a set of play farm animals, so she decided to use them to help the children practice making fractions of sets, too. That seems harder for them than fractions of a whole. They are also struggling with denominator. Instead of putting 1/4 of the animals are pigs, they put 1/3 because there are three sheep and one pig. Any of you have students who do that? Anywho, she decided to use her farm animals that way and of course I had to make a recording sheet for it. :D That's how we roll...we bounce ideas off on another, tweak them and make them better, and I get on the 'puter (as Monica said when she was 3) and roll 'em out. I checked out the farm animal counters at Lakeshore. A tub of them was $29.99. I think those from the Dollar Tree will do fine, thank you very much!

                         Farm Animal Fractions

Please download if you can use this...and please leave a comment if you do. Thanks for visitin' my blog!


  1. LOVE the ideas! So good! I tried sending you an e-mail back about your aunt in Ellijay. Since it such a small town I was wondering if I might have known her? Thanks for the feel better message today. I DO feel LOTS better! Hope you have a GREAT day!!!!

  2. Thanks for posting these Melly! They look awesome! I will have to put these in my math stations. Thanks for your sweet comments. My 3 year old really keeps me on my toes.

    2nd Grade Rocks

  3. Just found your site. What a unique blog name! I'm now following you. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. So glad I found your site. (I read your comment on Katie's blog). I'm your newest follower!
    BTW, my sixth graders were just using colored counters for ratios! AND I have a few who would make the 1/3 mistake as well. They must be 58 when they finally figure out fractions...

    Happy day!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade