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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Snow Day!

Mary at Pitner's Potpourri is having a Snow Day Linky Party and a Happy New Year Amazon card giveaway. Check her out. Here's a link to my Snowmen---Building, Painting, Globbing post. I show the pictures below to my students, we discuss their snowmen (if they built any), and then go on to create our own snowmen in class so they have many things to include in their writing!

I love, love, love snow! I always pray that everyone is warm, has shelter, and food.'s out into the snow I go to party! I love, love, love to build snowmen snow people! Check these out... ;)

I made the Red Hatter Snowlady pictured below with charcoal, scarf, sticks, and mittens from a Snowman kit given to me for Christmas in 2008 by a third grade student. His younger brother is now in my second grade class. :) I added a tiny carrot, the red hat, and Luden's cough drops (her red mouth).

This Snowlady (below) was about 5'8" tall. She had leis from our Luau celebration as hair, tangerines cut in half for her mouth, a rose for her nose, the same scarf as my Red Hatter Snowlady, my clown glasses to shade her eyes, a little Valentine basket as her purse, and a round tablecloth as her "Doo Rag." :) While I built her, my hubby sat on the porch and made fun of me rolling snowballs. My son had gone to visit a friend in Miami so I had no help. He usually lifts. It was a job getting her head on! 

My niece and my brother built this Snow Cowgirl on my brother's truck. I hiked through the woods to their house to get to see her. Her nose was a Dorito chip. Her mouth was a red hairband, and notice the Mardi Gras beads, too!

This is my little Iceman. We had icy snow and it was really hard to form. So, in order to have a picture (How tall does he look?), I made an iceman. The flag is one of those small flags you wave at the Fourth of July. His nose is the smallest of carrots I had, and his eyes are pea gravel. His mouth is a broken piece of gold decoration off my Christmas tree. When I showed this picture to my students, they thought he was as tall as they are...or taller! :)

I hope that we have some snow this year that packs well so I can build a snow family. I want to build a snow family including a snow dog and a snowman like this...
Don't you just love it? I would not have thought of that, but I will definitely build one like it! :)
I also saw a friend's snowfamily last year that had a snow princess. I wanna build one of those, too! Can you think of some other snowpeople to suggest? I'm always open for suggestions...maybe a hula snowgirl, a snowbaby.... Ideas, please! ;)


  1. I love ALL your snowpeople! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    Pitner's Potpourri

  2. The upside down snowman is hilarious!

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  4. I love the upside down snowman! So fun!!

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