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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fry Phrases

I just saw a post about Fry Phrases. I typed the 600 Fry phrases, copied them on bright yellow carstock with a couple of "KABOOM!"s for each 100, cut them into small strips (like french fries) and stored them in the little white cups with yellow lids that you get from "Go" cups...Oreos, Ritz cheese crackers (or peanut butter), etc. I bought extra packs of Oreos & Ritz cheese crackers to make more, put the cookies & crackers in freezer bags for hubby's enjoyment, cleaned out the containers, and labeled the top and bottom of with "Fry Phrases 1st 100" "Fry Phrases 2nd 100" etc. Here's a link to the first post...Fry Phrases ,but I never shared the anyone who wanted could use it. Click First 600 Fry Phrases to get it.

My children love playing "Fry Phrases KABOOM!" It's just like any other "KABOOM!" Pull out a "fry" and read it, keep it unless you pull "KABOOM!" If that happens you lose your fries, but continue game until time is called or all fries have been read. I like this because the Fry phrases get harder with each increment of 100. So your children reading at early second grade level get something that is a little challenge...and can enjoy playing, too. According to Fry, the first 300 words contain 67% of what students read. WOW! I hope this helps your students. It really does help mine. My lowest reader told me Friday that the Fry phrases help and he loves to play! :)