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Sunday, March 4, 2012

"The Best Endings" & Dr. Seuss

Wow! I've been invited to The Best Endings and written my first post about Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Check it out by clicking on The Best Endings. Thanks, Erika! As much as I love to read, I don't think I read as much as I'd like during the school year. Maybe this will help me keep tabs on how much I actually do read and hopefully, I'll see I do read more than I realize.

I did just finish a youth fiction book called Jericho Walls. It's an awesome read for Black History month. The main character is the daughter of a preacher who sets the deacons straight in a southern town in the'll love it!

On to Dr. Seuss...we had a blast! To start our day, my favorite Wildcat ~other than my hubby who was also a Wildcat!~ came from our high school to read Thidwick to my students.  I made a packet of comprehension activities for my students which also included a bit of math for fun. These weren't finished Friday (did I really think they would be?! DUH!), so we'll continue (and maybe finish) tomorrow. We had Truffula tree snacks (pretzels with cotton candy) and I actually bought enough to share with three other classes on my team. Thankfully, one teamie had made blue jello (One Fish, Two Fish...) for her class so we had just enough left over for the other three classes to have a Dr. Seuss snack as well. :) We read The Lorax in preparation for the movie (of course!) as well as several other Dr. S. books.

To top it all, one of my students' birthday was Friday. She was born on Dr. Seuss's 100th birthday. She was also born on her mom's 20th birthday, which means her mom was born on his 80th birthday. WOW! To be born on Dr. Seuss's birthday and then have your child on his 100th COOL is that? Her mom brought in cupcakes, juice boxes, and goody bags (nice ones, too!) for all! The children loved this.

To finish the day, I showed The Lorax original cartoon movie on the Promethean board using MediaCast. Anyone else have MediaCast at your school? You can show lots using it. It's amazing to me the part technology plays in education today! I took some pictures, but will add them tomorrow as I intend to take more of my students working with their partners completing all their "Seussy" activities! Happy Sunday evening to you all!

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