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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Silly Sentence

    Most of my students remember that the answer to an addition problem is a sum. Most of them even remember that the answer to a subtraction problem is the difference. Not all of them remember that the answer to a multiplication problem is the product. They certainly don't remember that the answer to a division problem is the quotient because we just started multiplication (and in so doing, have begun division when writing the "fact family").

So today I typed the four answer vocabulary words with simple phrases for our Math journals. Then underneath I wrote S + D - P x Q / (couldn't type the division sign with a hypen and two dots), made a silly sentence, and highlighted the letters and corresponding words to reinforce my silliness. I am not sure if this will help all my students remember, but some of them seemed to get it.

I had written Sam + Duke - play times = quirky dogs, but my teamie said, "Why not quacking ducks? If my bunch doesn't get recess, they sure do "quack" about it!" I loved it, her students will remember that, and I changed it for my students, explaining to them about my teamie's "quacking ducks."  
Get my vocabulary page here... nothing fancy, just something to put up for the students to copy into their journals. Comments, please! Does this even make sense? ;)

PS: I found this and like how it seperates the concepts into smaller bites Now my students have two choices...

 A Skunk Smells Daily. (Add-Sum, Subtract-Difference)
My Penguin Doesn't Quack. (Multiply-Product, Divide-

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