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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Awesome Day!

Today was another awesome day in the classroom! Hallelujah! I am sooo excited about how much my friends have grown this year. Their writing is awesome and amazing (my favorite words lately). :)

Check out these photos!

Here are some photos from the "What's Hatching, Chick?" unit I bought and blogged about yesterday.... At the top, we have Chicks & Salsa with a tri-fold review. Next, under the chick's legs is our Egg-Hatching Observation Journal. Finally, at the bottom is a Chicks tree map which supported my students in writing three (count 'em...1, 2, 3!!) paragraphs! YIPPEEE!!

Here is Amelia Bedelia. I traced her using the Promethean board, and then brought her home and colored her in with my darling hubby. Next, I hung her in the hallway outside our EIP teacher's door. She shares her wall space with us! :) Finally, I gave my teamies a different color of sticky note to write "multiple meaning words" on with explanations of how Amelia Bedelia gets everything balled up. We had a blast reading about Amelia Bedelia. You should read her if you teach second grade in Georgia with multiple meaning words as a standard. The children will laugh & learn! :D

Here is my Contraction Surgery activity posted in the hallway. I had some really cool band-aid stickers. I hope I can find some more for next year. Be looking, friends, and if you find some please let me know where you found them. They were cute and engaging for my students! ;)

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!


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