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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daily 5~Chapter 2

Back again with the pertinent question for chapter 2 of The Daily 5...

What goals do you have for your classroom as you work to implement the principles and foundations of the Daily 5 discussed in chapter 2? Here are my thoughts and ramblings on chapter 2...


So...why is it so much easier to trust some students than others? Yes, I've had students I trust. They understand, they get it! Then there are the ones who want to goof off, disturb others, etc. You all know about that. I think "trust" challenges me to rethink my classroom jobs for sure. It seems to me that "trust" will lighten my load. You know you always have those volunteers who want to help? I always let them (yes, sometimes nervously if I already know the student...), but the challenge here is for me to show the entire class what I would do and stand back and allow the students to develop into strong students with a work ethic like mine (and I know you all have that same work ethic simply because you're doing this book study on your summer break!). I raised my son this way (and receive compliments all the time on his work ethic and go-get-'em attitude), so it shouldn't be hard to transfer that idea of supportive love to my students. :) Why didn't I think of this sooner? :*(


This one shouldn't be too heavy for me...I love allowing choice. I do like the requirement to visit each of the Daily 5 each day to maintain structure and routine. Sometimes last year I told my students they had to Read to Self first (even though I didn't incorporate all of the Daily 5), but I'm game to adjusting things. Let's just consider this a very important experiment. Just imagine how much better off our students will be at the end of this school year if all goes according to plan. I believe it will...the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. I'm feeling freer already...less headache, stress, and lack of sleep for 2012-2013! :D


Wow! We all have a class culture whether we plan one or not! Deliberately building community from the first day in order to provide accountability for effort, learning, order, and kindness is an awesome idea! Why didn't I think of that?!? My students built a good sense of community last year with all the praise and celebrations we had for one another using the Behavior Clip Chart that is so prevalent in the blogging world. Using the positive reinforcement (even to negate the negative) really worked well. Adding this aspect will definitely put the icing on the cake. I am going to love, love, love group dynamics this year! With the positive reinforcement of community, I am looking forward to observing, conferring, and teaching small groups without having to worry about whether my other students are learning anything! :)

Sense of Urgency

Creating a culture where every moment of practice and learning counts and students take ownership of their learning just feels right! I've always tried to explain why we should study something. It is probably a throw-back to my childhood when I was told, "Do it because I said so!" I have always explained things to death according to my son. ;) Once this atittude becomes a principled habit for most of the class, peer pressure will help any laggers!


This is something we discussed and worked on last year in my second grade class. My teamie mentioned how my students would work so quietly because they were so engrossed in their work. I realize now it is because they had built stamina. It got better as the year progressed. I think following all of The Daily 5 this year is going to delight me even more!

Stay Out of the Way!

I think this will not be too much of a problem. Staying out of the way while my students are working diligently will afford me time to confer, tutor, teach small group or individuals,, and finish that confounded paperwork that we are all saddled with these days. I look forward to having time to complete my job while my students complete their job, and we all go home tired, but happy that we have accomplished our chores for the day in a positive way!

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  1. I found my year plan- it's not as precise as the first month calendar we worked out, but I can't find that one.*sigh* I'll have to do some e-mailing around to try to get it sent to me. This year plan one does tell me what concepts we have to get covered each week though. Do you have an e-mail I can send the info to? It's a lot of stuff for a comment box.

    As for Chapter two- I started practicing this bit in May, and found it made my literacy block so much more productive. The kids appreciated being able to choose for themselves, and I had fewer problems over all because they started out happy with a sense of empowerment. And just as a side thought on trust anyway- spiritually speaking, we are meant to give our burdens to God and trust in him so therefore our load becomes lighter- it is amusing to me that pretty much the same thing comes about when we put our trust in our students for this literacy block.

    1. Hi Heather!
      My e-mail is Thanks bunches!!

  2. I am going to switch from flipping cards (too negative) to the clip chart this next year. I really want to be able to award those kiddos who are shining! I didn't even think about it connecting oh-so fabulously with the "community" element of the D5 :) Thanks for the great post. I'll see you for chapter three!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory