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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily 5~Chapter 6

First, I'm late posting about Chapter 6 because I lost a very dear friend Tuesday morning. She'd had vertebrae fused May 23 and was still taking pain meds and either threw a clot or mixed the wrong meds. She was found on the floor in her pajamas by co-workers who came to check on her when she didn't show up for work. I did get to talk to her before she died (she could only blink to answer questions) and am assured she is with my Jesus resting in His arms. That is the only thing that has kept me going this week. It has been awful because some vicious people are hinting that she purposefully overdosed. I will never believe that! My take on that kind of gossip is that it is not acceptable to speak ill of the dead and these people simply need to SHUT UP!

I am working on saying goodbye for now to my sweet friend. I know that she is with Jesus and I told her just before she died that I expect her to be waiting beside Him when I get there! I just wish we could sit and talk one more time! That said, thanks for listening, reading my rant. You're the best!


Well, I love, love, love D5! I am one thankful teacher who cannot wait to try it out. The step-by-step plans to launch Work on Writing and Word Work are as awesome as the others. "...a direct correlation between student motivation, ability, and productivity and this increase in writing practice" is enough of a reason for me to go gung ho with Work on Writing. Students who can read and write can conquer all subjects! :) Because Work on Writing and Word Work follow the procedures already established, students quickly fall in line with expectations for these two of the daily 5.

I've done Word Work in Kindergarten and first, but haven't carried it over very well with second grade. I'm eager to use their tips and others I find blogging to go at it! I can see how it will support my learners. :)

My favorite passage from this chapter is "We want to constantly reinforce the message that children are independent so they can get to be better readers and writers, but also that the teacher has a very important job to do--teach children."


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  1. Thinking of you! Must be hard to have seen your friend suffer like that, but I'm glad she is feeling better now!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad