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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Poem for Christmas gift...

    Last night my Mother-in-Love had a dizzy spell, so I went to pick her up and get her home (she is doing okay now, thank You, Jesus!). Well, she had a little gift in her gift bag from the ladies' meeting she attended. It has the cutest little poem.

    I have typed up the poem so my students can practice their handwriting (they want sooo badly to write cursive), wrap a little gift for their parents, grandparents, etc., and give it at Christmas. Four copies fit on one sheet...perfect for a writing station! I think it will be sooo precious because it's their handwriting (or printing) from second grade. They can even write "Christmas 2012" at the end. I think the children will enjoy wrapping the gifts themselves and tying the ribbon on the gift (and won't it be special that it was done by the child!) to give to their parents. 

    To make the poem small enough to work as an ornament, I am going to shrink their writing on the copier. Does your copier have a special features button that will put two or four or 8 copies of the same thing on one page?  I think doing four or eight on one page will make it just the right size to make a cute little ornament. Now if I can just find 20 tiny boxes... :D Any suggestions? Maybe Hobby Lobby? Michael's? Maybe I should ask for donations of tiny jewelry boxes from parents...he!he!

    I'm sharing a copy of the poem if you're interested.


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