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Monday, December 17, 2012

I have no words in mymouth to tell what is in my heart.

That is what a man touched by short-term missionary workers told our congregation. He said, "I never understood this king who would leave everything he had and come to me. Then you, who live here in the United States left all your riches and came to me. You brought clothes and left everything you had in your suitcases except the clothes you wore home. You gave us many things: food, medicine, a well, etc., etc. We have in my country a saying. When someone does something sooo wonderful for us, we say I have no words in my mouth." He knelt beside the pulpit as he was speaking and thanked us all for everything we had done...going to Burkina Faso, sending funds and supplies with those words: "I have no words in my mouth to tell what is in my heart." I cried like a baby at his gratitude.

This weekend, I cry like a baby for all those mommies and daddies whose babies are in the arms of Jesus now. I cannot understand their pain, but it breaks my heart as I try to imagine the emptiness in their hearts and lives. My humble prayer is that Our Father would send guardian angels to each and every school worldwide to guard and protect our innocent ones, so that this will never happen again. Specifically, I ask that anyone with intent to harm will lose all strength in his/her/their body/bodies, fall as dead in a faint, and be carried out of the school building by strong men. Amen! 

Go with God, my friends. He is our shield and our refuge, a strong tower in times of trouble.


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