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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Congratulations to our Carson-Dellosa Common Core Standards Kit Winner!

Congratulations to Raye W who is the winner of Carson-Dellosa's Common Core Standard Kit! I hope you enjoy it, Raye!

I'm lovin' it. Not only do I have standards posted in the pocket chart where my Essential Questions (EQs) are posted, but I have pulled out standards for my small groups. We are highlighting key words in the "I can" statements as well as reading and reviewing the standard written on the opposite sides of the cards. What an awesome resource. Thanks again, Carson-Dellosa!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My First Give-Away: A Carson-Dellosa Common Core Standards Kit

Carson-Dellosa sent me a Second Grade Common Core Standards Kit for review. It came with a Daily Standards Pocket Chart 
and Granny Smith apples! How neat is that? Carson-Dellosa, you ROCK! The Second Grade Common Core Standards kit is so easy to use and fits right in with our requirements of posting standards. Receiving the Daily Standards Pocket Chart and apples were an added perk which I appreciate! Mucho gracias!

Here's a photo of the pocket chart of Standards with Essential Questions. I posted this on my board where I had previously posted typewritten standards which weren't "I can" statements. The "I can" statements really fit in with my second graders.

Here are close-ups of the Standards pocket chart...

 and the Essential Questions I added...

I am excited to share this neat little box of standards. I received it on Wednesday afternoon, so of course I took it to school Thursday morning and bragged to my teamies about my boon! Then, I hauled carried it with me to our faculty meeting on Thursday. I just sat the Standards box on the table with my notebook/calendar to see who would notice first. I can't remember who noticed first! :( Honestly, you'd think I would have paid closer attention...but that's my ADHD kicking in according to Debbie we had committee meetings and other important "stuff" which captured my attention. It seems that L was the first person to speak, "What you got there, Stapler?" At any rate, my goal of advertising this wonderful product at our meeting was successful. Several teachers saw it and were interested. I even shared that I'm blogging about it and they can enter to win a freebie! :D

To win your very own Carson-Dellosa Common Core Standards Kit-a $19.99 value, enter below by following my blog and leaving a post telling me you're following. Don't forget to add your e-mail address so I can send you contact info for ordering your free kit! Thanks!
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