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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Parts of Speech Anchor Charts

In second grade, we must teach noun, verb, adjective, and adverb in my county. So, we have anchor charts for each. Here are mine from my anchor chart journal. :)  I also photographed my anchor charts and made 4 x 6 copies for those little photo albums. Students who struggle with transfer from the large charts can borrow a photo album to copy or use my anchor chart journal to copy if that's easier for them. 


I copied the chart from various places. Some of the I tweaked to make my own, and then I took the photos and filled in my anchor chart journal for my students' use. I really am loving these anchor charts!! 

Do you have your students copy anchor charts into a journal?  


Love Those Anchor Charts!

Anchor charts are the way to go! They have helped my students so much this year...or at least that's what I think! ;) I am going to put that to the test just a little more this final week before Thanksgiving Break. It will show me what I need to prepare for the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks.

I am lovin' me some Anchor Charts! (Yeah, I know...bad grammar, but it fits.)

Here are some of the Anchor Charts we've done this year. I have created Anchor Charts in class with my students, using my phone to look at the ones I was trying to copy (to some extent, sometimes fully, sometimes not). Laila is always telling me, "You're cheating when you look at your phone, Mrs. S.!" So, the first one I'll share is mine. I saw something about Superhero SWAG, made one of those, then decided to add my own Super Sentences to our Anchor Chart collection.

This is my "Super Sentences" anchor chart copied into my Anchor Chart journal. Oh, yeah! That's the beauty of my anchor charts this year. My students have an ELA/Reading journal (those composition books that are sewn together) as well as a Math journal. In these, they copy Anchor Charts as well as write constructed responses to Math Problem Solving Cards, Math journal problems (in Math notebook) and write constructed responses in their ELA/Reading journals. The last 27 pages of the ELA/Reading journal also holds the child's individual Word Wall for words s/he needs to remember how to spell. 

I just can't decide if I'll have one or two "journals" for my students next year. I suppose I'll know if they need one or two by the end of the year by how many pages are left over with this year's students. Here are a few more of my Anchor Charts...most ideas copied from someone! :D

The Author's Purpose was on our last benchmark (but not in the Unit), so our students needed this one! 

We're working on story problems now, so this felt appropriate.
My team and I have noticed that our children write like ThIs aLL tHe we tried to "refresh" their minds on what needs capitalization and what doesn't! :) 

I also found the cutest little picture of  "Bb" like to go "walking" and "Dd" like to stay "talking" because I noticed one of my sweeties was writing capital B and D only due to confusion about the lowercase ones. She writes Bb walking and Dd talking each week on her phonics list to remind herself which one is which! Awesomeness!! 

Life in First Grade: My Week in Review
I'd like to give a shout out to Leslie Ann at Life in First Grade. This picture is on her August 26, 2012 blog.