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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sign Language Linky Party? Please respond and share...

Linky Party? I'd like to have one, does anyone use Sign Language in your class? Please respond and tell how! Thanks!

Arthur Teaches Sign Language is an interesting site. I use sign language in my classroom in the following ways: students sign RR for restroom (ASL, I think), I sign "Quiet!" and "Sit!" to students who are disturbing individual or small group instruction, students sign "L" to me if they are going to the library during small group instruction (there are other requirements, they know these, and there are consequences for disobedience), and they sign "Water" if they want water from the hallway. We have a water fountain, but sometimes students just need to step out into the hallway for a sip. Learning sign language is on my bucket list. I hope to do it soon! Maybe this will be the springboard for me. How do you use sign language?


  1. I use sign language whenever I can. This week, I will begin teaching my students all the letters of the alphabet. Then each week when we say-spell-say our "word family words" (spelling words) and our sight words, we use sign language, too. I use basic signs for commands such as, "stand up," "stop," "listen," and "go." It is very handy in the hallway so I don't have to "yell" down at the front of the line. My school is an I.B. (International Baccalaureate) school, and we are working on an I.B. unit discussing communication....which is were we get the sign language. My students will also learn about Helen Keller and make a project in Braille (using split peas to mimic Braille).

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I use the restroom sign, sit down and be quiet. I want to know "stand up," "stop," "listen," and "go."

  3. For stand up, you put index finger and middle finger of right hand down on top of the palm of your left hand and lift it up. This is two motions, "stand," is the motion of putting the fingers on the palm; "up" is the motion of pulling your fingers off of the palm. (Hope that makes sense.)

    "Listen" is simply putting an "l" hand up to your ear.

    "go" is a "g" hand twisted out from your body; really just a flick of your wrist.

    It's kinda hard to explain sign language in words. LOL

  4. You can go to and use their online dictionary that shows you how to make the signs. The most important thing to remember is that you NEVER sign anything that you don't know the correct sign. I had a co teacher create a sign that she thought was pizza, but it was really female body parts. The 4 deaf kids in our class about died. The universal sign for bathroom is a t that you shake. It stands for toilet and if you ever see anyone sign that, please help them find one quickly. I use sign to teach vocabulary and the kids love it. They also know 'pay attention" it's very useful in assemblies.