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Friday, December 23, 2011

Just a few things we've done and Jenga...

I like to play Jenga.  Fred's had wood towers (similar to Jenga, but miniature) for $1.00. I bought two. Here's my plan: write addition and subtraction facts up to 20 (or as far as I can go with 48 blocks) on both sides of one set, multiplication and division for the second set. How's that for differentiation? ;) My students love to play games and I think this will be a hit.

"The person that inspires me is Mrs. Stapler. Mrs. Stapler always pushes to work harder."  (tear) This was posted on the QUEST door by one of my students from last year. He is the student you wish you have at least ten more just like! :)

Here's a photo of our balloons. We used them to discuss solid, liquids, and gases. The balloon is a solid, the children use gas (their own hot air) to blow up the balloon, and their breath causes condensation on the inside of the balloon (liquid)--or at least that's what I told them. We also talked about water balloons.

Here's a sample of my colored rice for Synonym Search bottles I found on Denise's blog: Sunny Days in Second Grade . I colored 10 pounds of rice so far to make Synonym Searches #1 and #2 for myself and my buddy across the hall. I have another 10 pounds of rice to color for Antonym Searches. I also started saving the individual sized Tropicana bottles to make some addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division searches. I think I'll put the problem in the bottle and have the children copy the problem and write the answer in their Math journals. That way I'll have a record of work done while they're having fun!

The Following Directions (go here  to see it) worksheet was a bust. One student did exactly as he should. The students I thought might get it right began putting red circles, so I jumped the gun and stopped the entire class. Two students had not done anything (slower readers) and weren't finished, so I should have just waited a little longer to see what they did. Some students began doing what their podmates were doing rather than reading it for themselves. My one student who did this correctly is the child who is uber-intelligent and quite hyperactive. He masks his intelligence with all the movement and silliness. I was aware that he is a smart little guy, and this  clarified my suspicions. He's QUEST material...if we can get him focused enough to prove it. I know he can do whatever he needs to do; he has to choose to want to do it! After the break I am going to have a talk with him about QUEST, telling him that when he can settle himself and show what he's capable of doing (I know he picks up everything as easily as drinking water!), he'll make QUEST. Of course, I'm not sure he'll know how the smart students are sometimes.... At any rate, he'll do well whatever he chooses to do with his life. He's just that with it! I love having students like this! Anyone have suggestions on how to get more students to that place? ;)

Here is one of our Nerds. We had Nerd Day ... too smart to do drugs... as part of our weeklong festivities to say NO!! to drugs. This is our Music teacher...I love, love, love her! She's the BEST ever!

This is our principal and one of our Kindergarten Parapros. Aren't they a hoot?

Here is the beginning of the USN section of our Veteran's Day parade around the school. My darling hubby is in the background in the hat. :) The blonde cutie with the smiley face was my student two years ago...dearly love this child! She is such an awesome witness to her fellow students. She sang a solo about Jesus to every single class while in second grade. We need more heros like her, too!


  1. A couple of things:
    1. What is Fred's?
    2. Love that Scripture Verse!!
    3. Nerd Day - Looks like fun.
    That's it! Merry Christmas!

    First Grade Delight

  2. Fred's is a local store similar to Dollar General or Family Dollar. It has items that are $1.00, but not everything (as at Dollar Tree).
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Your purple rice looks so pretty (and familiar!) I found lots of stray rice grains in strange locations while I was cleaning up for Christmas. I've got to get on it and make some more of those!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade