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Thursday, December 29, 2011

11 in 11, 2012 resolutions?!?

11. Favorite Movie:

I don't think I even went to a movie this year! How sad is that? Oh...I did see Cars 2. It was okay, but I didn't like it as well as Cars.

10. Favorite TV series:

9. Favorite restaurant:

8. Favorite new thing you tried: Blogging, of course!

7. Favorite gift you received: I received a camera (Nikon 3100 series) from a favorite person who asked to remain anonymous. I love, love, love it!

6. Favorite thing you pinned: I can't wait to take these "Melting Snowman" cookies to my students after a snow day. Don't you think they'll love them? ;)

5. Favorite blog post: Gosh, there are so many, I really have to pick one? I love, love, love blogstalking. I try to share what I do that's new and exciting...and if I tweak something from someone else I try to share it.
My favorite blog I posted is this one: Goldfish Colors Place Value . Doing this with my students was fabulous and I absolutely adored taking pictures of all the fun!

4. Favorite accomplishment: Well, I think I've learned so much as far as blogging that I'd consider blogging my favorite accomplishment this year. I still have lots to learn and want to create my own units, so I have something to work toward...

3. Favorite picture:
This picture of my darling hubby is my favorite of him. If I put all my favorites, there would be a long list of pictures here. ;)

2. Favorite memory: My favorite memory this year would have to be of my son's willingness to help out financially. He's 22, saving for a house, and willingly took some of his "house money" out for me to pay an unexpected bill. I will definitely pay him back, but just knowing that he said, "Don't worry about it, Mom, I live here!" touches my heart!

1. Goal for 2012: My main goal for '12 is to keep calm and reach on! I say "reach" because I've asked the Lord to let me see everyone through His Eyes this year. He knows the struggles of the people I meet, so He alone can guide me to the perfect (well, as perfect as I can get it) way to reach out to them. I pray that my focus will be totally on Him for '12, that He will be honored and glorified in everything I do! The following little poem I borrowed from somewhere sums it up. :)
I also hope to get my children's book published (my college professor told me to get it published in 1991...why I've waited so long to pursue it, I don't understand!) and write more. I have three or four stories floating around in my head. I also hope my darling hubby will illustrate for me (again...he did in 1991) and start doing some clipart for me so I can create units without all the TOU troubles. He's good, I just gotta give him ideas to work on during his spare time (since he works part-time now). Clipart and illustrating are going to be his new career, I think. ;)


  1. I think your 11 in '11 are awesome! I used to love On The Border (they closed down by us)

    Hop on over and check out the MEGA GIVEAWAT hosted by 12 bloggers!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. I love On the Border, too! That was so sweet of your son, and that is awesome that your hubby is artistic; can't wait to see what you/he come up with!