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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 5

"Reading with someone helps students read independently and grow as readers." Doesn't that say it all? My main focus as a second grade teacher is helping my students grow as independent readers. If you can read, you can figure out soooo much! For three years I taught adults working toward their GED. Those who could read could read about the Math they needed, practice, and move on. They could read the Science, History, etc. and they could read and practice their writing for the writing segment of the test. Those students who couldn't read spent their entire time (4 hours daily, M-F) practicing reading, learning reading skills, and reading. Those who began the program reading below third grade level often required more time to finish the program (PEACH~Positive Employment and Community Help) than they were alloted. I had to write letters requesting more time due to this. Of course, some got discouraged and left the program before they could get to the technical classes which would insure they found a better paying job. :*(

I love how the sisters told exactly what they did and laid out their plan step by step for us. I attempted Read to Self and Buddy Reading last year. This chapter and chapter four have clarified so much for me! I look forward to introducing my students to ever single, little bitty step the sisters made because I know that patience and repetition with my students will pay off in SPADES! Just the little I understood to do last year paid off well. I feel empowered for this coming school year! Hallelujah!

Preparing to teach Voice Level; Check for Understanding; I Read, You Read; Read Two Different Books; How to Choose Books; Choosing Your Own Classroom Spot; How to Choose a Partner~"the only acceptable answer is "Sure, thank you!"; Coaching or Time?; and Listen to Reading ~"put small headphones on school supply lists" is the absolute best time I could spend reading this summer!

I love how the sisters lead students to "solve the problems quickly so we don't waste any of our precious reading time!" That's exactly how I feel! I've even been carrying The Daily 5 with me in the car and reading while my hubby drives this summer. I love it that much! :D

"A person's a person, no matter how small." ~ Dr. Seuss

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